Min/Max # Offers Capacity rule

Use the Min/Max # Offers Capacity rule to set capacity constraints. Define the maximum and minimum number of offers that are sent across customers, or for a particular offer, channel, or rolling time period.

You can add an exception to this rule if you need to change the capacity for a particular time period. For example, you can change the call capacity of a call center around holidays.

Use this rule to control the usage of an offer or channel over some rolling time period. A rolling time period is a number of days, such as seven days. Which seven days depend on when the Contact Optimization session runs. For example, between January 1 and January 7 if run on January 1, and between January 2 and January 8 if run on January 2.

To control the number of offers given to an individual, see the Min/Max # Offers For Each Customer rule.

Note: Avoid using offer capacity constraints whenever possible, as these constraints reduce the optimality of the overall solution. If you must use offer capacity constraints, try to use either a minimum or a maximum instead of both. If you must use both a minimum and a maximum, avoid using close minimum and maximum values, such as setting the minimum equal to the maximum. Such a narrow range reduces the degree of flexibility Contact Optimization has to optimize.

You might want to limit the number of free cell phone handsets you give away to existing customers who upgrade to a premium monthly plan. You can create an offer capacity rule that limits the maximum number of "Free cell phone with 2-year premium subscription" offers to 20,000.

If you do not have enough number of offers for satisfying a Capacity rule, this causes a generation loop error. If you set ContinueOnGenerationLoopError to True and you receive an error, the customers from the set that caused the error are marked as unprocessable. It is possible that Contact Optimization might have violated some rules and generated this result without honoring all rules and data. For more information about the generation loop error, see Offer Filtering Summary report.