Generate a list of proposed contacts

The optimization process involves generating a list of proposed contacts in HCL® Campaign and sending these contacts to HCL Contact Optimization to produce optimized contacts.

These optimized contacts are then retrieved by Campaign for use in a marketing campaign.

Generating a list of proposed contacts requires that you create a flowchart with one or more Optimize processes in Campaign. This flowchart is called the pre-optimization flowchart. When you configure the Optimize process, you must select a Contact Optimization session to associate with the flowchart. This Contact Optimization session receives the proposed contacts that are generated when you run the flowchart.

After you run all flowcharts in all campaigns that are configured to generate contact and offer information for a particular Contact Optimization session, you can run that optimization session. The Contact Optimization session then applies the rules that you created to produce a list of optimized contacts that are retrieved by a post-optimization flowchart in Campaign. The post-optimization flowchart in Campaign might sample out a hold-out control group, generate the contact list, and populate contact history.