Interactions Where rule

The Interactions Where rule allows you to include or exclude contacts that are based on any criteria available in the PCT data.

Use this rule to use specific customer, campaign offer, channel, cost, or time criteria to suppress specific proposed offers. These criteria come from the same tables you would use in Campaign. This rule is especially useful when you do not have an explicit segment to suppress. It also provides much greater flexibility and is powerful in implementing complex suppressions.

This rule gives you direct access to optional fields included in the Contact Optimization template table and the proposed contacts table (PCT). For example, you can use an Interactions Where rule to prevent customers whose percentage of returned products exceeds 10% from receiving discount offers. This rule requires that the Contact Optimization template table that is used for the Contact Optimization session contains a variable that represents the percent of returned products. This variable must be populated by each of the participating campaigns for each submitted audience ID.