Customers In rule

This rule allows you to include or exclude contacts that are based on strategic segments that are defined in Campaign.

You can refine the scope of this rule to affect only a particular channel or a particular offer or offer lists that are defined in Campaign.

Use this rule to enforce global suppression across all participating campaigns. For example:

  • To create 'do not contact' lists or to support global control groups (can be channel-specific).
  • To prevent customers who have opted-out of a channel from receiving messages on that channel.
  • To prevent customers with a particular characteristic from receiving an offer. For example, preventing customers who are in default from receiving the highest value offers.

You might have a segment that is called "DoNotCall" representing the highest value customers that request not to be contacted by phone. Use this rule to ensure all individuals in the "DoNotCall" segment do not receive any telemarketing offers.