Setting up Unica Plan assets for use in Unica Campaign offers

This topic explains what administrators must do to allow Unica Campaign users to relate a digital asset from Unica Plan to a Unica Campaign offer.

About this task

An asset is an electronic file that is designed for use in a marketing program. Examples include logos, brand images, marketing research documents, reference materials, corporate collateral, or document templates. To add an asset to a Unica Campaign offer, you use the CreativeURL attribute. The CreativeURL attribute is a standard offer attribute that is installed with Unica Campaign. A "Creative URL" is a pointer to a file in a Unica Plan asset library.

Table 1. Setting up Unica Plan assets for use in Unica Campaign offers

Setting up Unica Plan assets for use in Unica Campaign offers

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Create a library to hold digital assets.

This task is typically done by a Unica Plan administrator.

In Unica Plan, select Settings > plan settings, click Asset library definitions, and add a library.

Unica Plan Administrator's Guide

Add assets to the library.

This task is typically done by Unica Plan users.

In Unica Plan, select Operations > Assets. Open a library, go to a folder, and click the Add asset icon. Specify the asset name, description, and other information, and use Upload to select and upload files into the library.

Unica Plan User's Guide

Create an offer template that includes the CreativeURL attribute.

This task is typically done by a Unica Campaign administrator.

Offer attributes are the fields that define an offer. Creative URL is a standard attribute supplied with Unica Campaign. Adding the Creative URL attribute to a template makes the attribute available to any offers based on that template.

For example, in a system that does not integrate Unica Plan with Unica Campaign, you select Settings > Campaign Settings, and click Offer template definitions. Click Add, then follow the prompts:
  1. In Step 1 of 3, define the template.
  2. In Step 2 of 3, move Creative URL into the Selected Attributes list.
  3. In Step 3 of 3, click Browse library in the Creative URL field. Go to a folder in an asset library and select an asset to use in this offer. Or, if you want to create an asset, click the name of a library, then click Add asset and provide the required information. In the File field, click Upload, then browse to a file. You can upload a File, a Preview File, and a Thumbnail. Follow the prompts to complete the action.

    The URL to the asset is now included in the Creative URL field.

  4. Save the offer template.

For systems that do not integrate Unica Plan and Unica Campaign, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide: Creating offer templates.

For systems that integrate Unica Plan and Unica Campaign, see the Unica Plan and Unica Campaign Integration Guide.

Use Unica Campaign to create an offer that includes an asset from Unica Plan.

Unica Campaign users can now create offers based on a template that includes the Creative URL attribute. When defining the offer, users can go to the asset library and select or create an asset.

Unica Campaign User's Guide