Advanced settings for individual flowcharts

When a flowchart is open for editing, administrators can choose the Advanced settings option on the Admin menu to make administrative changes that affect only the current flowchart.

About this task

Many of the Advanced settings options allow you to override global configuration settings for individual flowcharts. For example, if the Auto-save feature is set to 1 minute in the configuration settings but 2 minutes for an individual flowchart, then that flowchart will be recovered every 2 minutes. If no value is provided at the global level, then the value that is set at the flowchart level is used.


  1. Open a flowchart in Edit mode.
  2. Open the Admin menu and select Advanced settings.
  3. Use the available controls on the tabs of the Advanced settings dialog:
    • General: Save flowchart run results, use in-database optimization, disable global suppression, and other settings for the current flowchart. Also, send triggers on flowchart run errors or success.
    • Server optimization: Control the use of virtual memory and temporary tables for this flowchart.
    • Test run settings: Specify whether to write test run results to the database for this flowchart.