Unica Campaign and ContactCentral Integration

In marketing world every communication reaching out to customer should have options for recipients to unsubscribe and setup their communication preferences.

ContactCentral is allowing users to setup the communication preferences by specifying the OptIn and OptOut for the various communication channels supported in Unica applications. Channels supported for customer consents:
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Push
  • WhatsApp
Configurations steps for Campaign to integrate with ContactCentral:
  • Configure ContactCentral data source under CAMPAIGN_HOME/partitions/partitionN/DataSources. Name must be ContactCentral. Point ContactCentral data source to Contact Central DB. User needs to create ODBC connection, similar to Campaign database ODBC connection. Consult Contact Central team for supported System databases.
  • Configure ContactCentral data source under Setting > Users. For example, asm_Admin user. User need to give user name and password for ContactCentral datasource. Similar to UA_SYSTEM_TABLES.
  • Stop Listener and Delete unica_aclsnr.udb, unica_aclsnr.pid and CAMPAIGN_HOME/partitions/partition1/conf/unica_tbmgr.cache and start the Listener.
  • Logout and Login into Unica application, so that the required tables mapping is reflected.
  • Create or open any existing Deliver PB to apply ContactCentral consents to exclude opt-outs from Communication Channel.
  • User needs to create first Regional preferences in ContactCentral application to avail this feature on Campaign Summary. User can set Regional preference in Campaign Summary. Also, user can see selected respective Regional preference value in Deliver PB.
  • To enable this Regional preferences parameter in Campaign configuration

    Goto Settings for 'internal'


    contactCentralEnabled - No/Yes

  • Default value - No