Configuring Unica Deliver offer integration with Unica Campaign

You can configure Unica Campaign to support Unica Deliver offer integration, so offer communications can be tracked over the email channel. Unica Campaign reports can then provide detailed response tracking for Unica Deliver.

Before you begin

Before you configure Unica Deliver offer integration, you must install and prepare the local installed Unica Deliver components, as explained in the Unica Campaign installation and upgrade guides. You must also connect to the hosted email resources, as explained in the Unica Deliver Startup and Administrator's Guide.

About this task

The following table lists the tasks that Unica Campaign administrators must complete to configure Unica Deliver offer integration.
Table 1. Configuring Unica Deliver offer integration

Configuring Unica Deliver offer integration

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1. Configure the contact and response history ETL process for this partition.

Unica Campaign uses its own ETL process to extract, transform, and load offer response data from the Unica Deliver tracking tables into the Unica Campaign contact and response history tables. The ETL process coordinates information across the necessary tables.

To configure the ETL process:

  1. In Unica Campaign, select Settings > Configuration.
  2. Adjust the properties for the following parameter:

    Unica Campaign | partitions | partition[n] | Unica Deliver | contactAndResponseHistTracking

See Campaign | partitions | partition[n] | Deliver | contactAndResponseHistTracking.

2. Optionally, adjust the ETL logging properties.

ETL logging is enabled by default. The default file location is Campaign_home/logs/ETL.log. To adjust logging behavior, modify the campaign_log4j.xml file, whose default location is Campaign_home/conf.

See The Unica Campaign and Unica Deliver ETL log file.

Optionally, allow monitoring of the ETL process so JMX-based clients can see the progress of the ETL.

In Unica Campaign, select Settings > Configuration, then set the following parameter to Yes:

Campaign | monitoring | monitorEnabledForDeliver

See Campaign | monitoring

3. Upgrades only: Adjust Unica Campaign response tracking and mapping tables.

New installations can skip this step because the tables were updated during the installation process.

Upgrade customers who want to use Unica Deliver offer integration must add the Link Click, Landing Page, and SMS Reply Message response types to the UA_UsrResponseType table, then update the UA_RespTypeMapping table to map the response types to Unica Deliver.*

The UA_RespTypeMapping table is required to coordinate transfer of data across the necessary Unica Campaign and Unica Deliver tables.

See Adjusting Unica Campaign response tables for Unica Deliver offer integration.

4. Optionally, adjust Unica Campaign performance reports.

The Unica Campaign Detailed Offer Response Breakout report includes Link Click, Landing Page, and SMS Reply Message email responses by default, so no adjustments are necessary for this report.*

The other performance reports show the sum of all contacts or responders over all channels that were used, but they do not specifically break out the information by channel. You can customize these reports to include channel information, if desired.

Changes affect both the object-specific reports on the campaign or offer Analysis tab and the reports on the Analytics menu.

See the Unica Reports Installation and Configuration Guide.

*Only the Link Click response type is currently used for Unica Deliver offer integration. The Landing Page and SMS Reply Message columns are not populated by the ETL process at this time.