Overview of IBM Watson Marketing Assistant integration with Unica Campaign

Watson Marketing Assistant integration with Unica Campaign will enable real time interaction for Unica Campaign users, thus enabling businesses to serve their customers better. Call from Unica Campaign to EBA is secured and this is achieved using the JSON web token (JWT). Unica Campaign communicates with EBA-QUEST integrated application. Currently, the QUEST Cognos model is based on Unica Campaign system schema, Modelling on User database is not supported. For example, WMA in Unica Campaign will support queries like, 1.Which Unica Campaign has the most offers. 2.When was the particular Campaign created 3.When was 10 Percent Off offers used in Test Direct Marketing Campaign 4.How many people in control groups received 20 Percent Off offers; show offer start date Though Watson integration is enabled, It is mandatory for a user to have Report System Role in order to access WMA. Watson Assistant can be launched through the newly added menu item, under Analytics >“Watson Assistant?.