Scenario data

You can configure scenario data in the Data Drive tab.

Click the Data Drive tab to configure static values that can be passed at run time into any of the input tags used by items in a test suite scenario.

Note: The current test suite and the tests or stubs that it contains must be saved before you can edit the contents of the Data Drive tab.

By default, the rows in the Data Drive table are listed in the order in which they were added. If wanted, the data can be sorted by column in ascending or descending order by clicking the column title. Click once to sort in ascending order, click again to sort in descending order, and click a third time to restore the default order.

Note: The width of the columns that is displayed under the Data Drive tab can be adjusted by dragging the column separator to the left or right. Customized widths are stored with the scenario. If new columns are added (that is, if a new test or stub is added to the scenario), they are added to the right while the width of the existing columns is maintained.

To add an entry to the table, click the icon. A new row is created with a Values column and a column for each test and referenced stub in the scenario. You can paste data into the table by pressing Ctrl + V or by right-clicking an existing row in the table and selecting Paste from the menu. A new row is created with the pasted text as the value. Pasting multiple lines creates multiple rows.

Note: A tab character in the pasted text creates a row in the table. If the pasted text contains both tabs and multiple lines, each line creates a row in the table, but tab characters are preserved. In other words, tabs do not create a row.

Double-click the Value field in a row to enter or edit the value to be passed in. Under the wanted test or stub, select the tag into which the value can be passed. The tag would have been previously defined for the Input interface of the test or stub; see Setting the Test properties by the input and output tags.

Note: If a test is listed to be executed more than once in the scenario, it is configured the same way in each case.

When the scenario is executed as part of the containing test suite, the selected values are passed into the specified tags, overriding their current values.

To remove a row from the table, select the row and click the icon.