Test Suite execution

Test Suite execution can be initiated in the Test Factory, but the suite is run in the Test Lab perspective.

After you start a suite, the Test Lab perspective is displayed to monitor the suites execution. For more information, see Test Lab.

  • For the tests that pass, you can avoid storing the messages that are sent and received during the test execution in memory. To do this, open the Logging page in the Test Suite Editor and select the Free up memory associated with messages sent and received when test execution passes option. This setting overrides the option specified for the children tests. If the Test Suite is connected to the database, the messages for the tests that have passed can still be viewed in the Results Gallery.
  • The test data sets for each test in the suite are evaluated during the initialization phase of a test. Any changes to the dynamic test data when the tests are running is not considered.
Note: Depending on the configured preferences for the Run Resources option, the suite is executed from its current state (including any unsaved changes) or from its last saved state. For more information, see Changing preferences.

Execute Test Suites in the current environment

Test Suites can be executed in the currently selected environment in any of the following ways:

  • Select one or more Test Suites and press F5.
  • Right-click one or more Test Suites and select Run from the menu.
  • Select one or more Test Suites and click the Run icon in the main HCL OneTest API toolbar.
  • Click the small arrow next to the Run icon in the main toolbar and select the Test Suite that you want to run (if the Test Suite was run recently).