@ViewTitle (Formula Language)

Returns the current view's name. If there are aliases and synonyms, they are returned in a text list.



Return value


Text or text list.


This function works in toolbar button, hotspot, or form action formulas, if the formula opens to a view using an @command such as FileOpenDatabase. It can be used in hide-when formulas for view action bars, but not for other hide-when formulas. Returns the name of the view that was last accessed when used in field, form action, section editor, or window title formulas or null if no view has been accessed. It does not work in column, selection, mail agent, paste agent, or scheduled agent formulas.


  1. This example returns Main View if that is the title of the current view.
  2. This example returns "Main View":"By Date" if the view name is Main View|By Date.
  3. This example returns MAIN VIEW if the title of the current view is "main view" in any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.