@Failure (Formula Language)

Indicates that input to a field does not meet validation.


@Failure( string )



Text. The error message you want displayed to the user.

Return value


Text. The error message.


@Failure is intended for use only in input validation formulas.

@Failure does not terminate execution of the formula. Use @Return to force a formula to exit.

A field passes validation if its input validation formula returns @Success (which is the value 1). Any other return value means failure, and a text return value is displayed as an error message. The use of @Failure in an input validation formula is not required, therefore, but is recommended for clarity.


This example show an input validation formula. It returns the error message "Area codes have only 3 digits" if the user enters a number greater than 999 in the field named AreaCode.
@If(AreaCode<1000;@Success;@Failure("Area codes have only 3 digits"))