@ClientType (Formula Language)

Returns a text string to differentiate Notes® clients and World Wide Web browsers.



Return value

client type


  • Returns "Notes®" if the client type is a Notes® client
  • Returns "Web" if the client type is a Web browser


@ClientType is useful within database formulas, form formulas, buttons in forms, and "hide-when" formulas. Do not use @ClientType in column formulas.

@ClientType always returns "None" when executed in a server background agent.


  1. This example returns the client type.
    @Prompt([OK]; "Client type"; @ClientType)
  2. This example, used in a button, opens a view called "By Category - Notes®" if the client type is "Notes®," or a view called "By Category - Web" otherwise."
    @If(@ClientType = "Notes"; @Command([OpenView]; 
          "By Category - Notes");
    @Command([OpenView]; "By Category - Web"))