@IsNewDoc (Formula Language)

For a document being edited, indicates if the document has been saved to disk.



Return value



  • Returns 1 (True) if the document being edited has not yet been saved to disk
  • Returns 0 (False) if the document has been saved


This function evaluates the current state of the document when it is used in toolbar button, hide-when, section editor, window title, field, form, and form action formulas.

This functions returns 0 if the document has not yet been saved, regardless of how the document was created. It always returns a 0, even if the document has been saved, when used in column, selection, agent, and view action formulas.


  1. When used in a window title formula, this formula returns New Document while the document is composed the first time. When a document is opened after it has been saved, this formula returns the value of the Subject field.
    @If(@IsNewDoc;"New Document";Subject) 
  2. If a new document is being created, the string New General Information appears in the window title. When an existing document is opened, the string General Information for, then the contents of the field EmpName, a slash, and then the contents of the field EmpNumber appear in the window title.
    @If(@IsNewDoc; "New General Information"; "General Information for" + EmpName + "/" + EmpNumber)