@Char (Formula Language)

Converts an IBM® Code Page 850 code number into the corresponding single character string.


@Char( codeNumber )



Number or number list. Any number between 0 and 255. Non-integer numbers are truncated to integers.

Return value


Text or text list. A single character that corresponds to codeNumber.


If the parameter is a list, the function operates on each element of the list, and the return value is a list with the same number of elements.

@Char(10) returns a carriage return.

@Char(9) returns a tab.

Note: In the Notes® client, the codeNumber parameters 0 and 9 do not work in column formulas.

@Char(13) returns a carriage return when used in an @Prompt formula.

To add multiple lines to a single column row:

  1. In the View Properties box:
    • Change the Lines per row to the number of carriage returns you want to include in the row.
    • Select Shrink rows to content.
  2. In the Column Properties box:
    • Choose New Line as the Multi-value separator.
    • Deselect the Show multiple values as separate entries checkbox.
  3. In the code for the column formula, specify each string or number that you want to display on a new line as a separate value. Since you set the Multi-value separator to New Line, this inserts a carriage return between each value. For example, the following column formula vertically lists the content of the FirstName field before the content of the LastName field in the column row:
    first:= FirstName;
    last := LastName;
    @Trim(first : last)


  1. This example returns: A.
  2. This example returns: a.
  3. This example returns: 8.
  4. This example returns: A, a, and 8 in a list.
    @Char(65 : 97 : 56)
  5. This example returns the character in the field named QuestionnaireNumber if that field is currently filled in; otherwise, returns a null string.
  6. This example uses @Char(13) to insert a carriage return into the text of @Prompt.
    @Prompt([OK]; "Complete"; "The agent has finished." + @Char(13) + "Please exit this document without saving.")