@IsDocBeingRecalculated (Formula Language)

Checks the current status of the document and returns 1 (True) if the document is being recalculated; otherwise, returns 0 (False).



Return value



  • Returns 1 (True) only when the fields on the document are actually being recalculated
  • Returns 0 (False) when the fields on the document are not currently being recalculated


Use @IsDocBeingRecalculated in field formulas. It has limited usefulness in toolbar button, hotspot, and form action formulas. This function does not work in column, selection, agent, window title, form, or view action formulas.

If you are using this function to increment a counter, the count increases by one every time the user recalculates the fields on a form.


  1. This example returns 1 while the document is being calculated or recalculated.
  2. This example returns 0 before and after the document is calculated or recalculated.
  3. This example can be used in a time-date field to display different dates under different circumstances. The formula causes the current time-date to be displayed if the document is recalculated during the editing process; otherwise, it displays the original creation date of the document.