@Certificate (Formula Language)

Extracts information from the Certified Public Key in the Domino® Directory.


@Certificate( [ dataToRetrieve ] ; Certificate )


[ dataToRetrieve ]

Keyword. Must be enclosed in brackets as shown. Use one of the following keywords:


The name of the certified user ID or server ID.


The name of the ID used to issue the certificate.


The date and time that the North American certificate expires.


The date and time that the International certificate expires.


Required. This specifies the name of the field where the Certified Public Key information is stored.

Return value


Text for the Subject and Issuer names, and time-date values for the Expiration and IntlExpiration dates.


@Certificate is useful within a macro or view selection formula for selecting a list of users whose certificates are about to expire; it is used by several Domino® Directory tools.

@Certificate only retrieves data; you cannot use it to change certificate information (use the appropriate Administration menus to update certificates). Certified Public Key information is stored only for users and servers with hierarchical IDs; @Certificate returns a null string for nonhierarchical IDs.

If you use incorrect syntax, @Certificate returns a null string and does not generate an error message.

@Certificate returns a null string (""), instead of the name of the server ID, when used in a Scheduled agent running on the server.

You cannot use this function in Web applications.


  1. This example returns CN=Michael Bowling/OU=R&D/O=WorkSavers/C=US for Michael Bowling's hierarchical ID.
  2. This example returns the name of the ID that certified the ID.
  3. This example returns the date and time the North American ID expires.
  4. This example returns the date and time the International ID expires.