@Implode (Formula Language)

Concatenates all members of a text list and returns a text string.


@Implode( textlistValue ) or @Implode( textlistValue ; separator )



Text or text list. List containing the items you want to concatenate into a single string. If you send a single piece of text instead of a list, @Implode returns the text unaltered.


Text. Used to separate the values in the concatenated string. If you don't specify a separator, a space is used.

Return value


Text. String containing each member of textListValue, separated by separator.


  1. This example returns Minneapolis Detroit Chicago if the contents of the City field are "Minneapolis":"Detroit":"Chicago."
  2. This example returns Minneapolis,Detroit,Chicago if the contents of the City field are "Minneapolis":"Detroit":"Chicago."
  3. This example returns European Capitals/Berlin : European Capitals/Lisbon : European Capitals/Madrid if the contents of the Categories field are European Capitals, and the content of the Cities field is a list consisting of Berlin, Lisbon, and Madrid.
    @Implode(Categories + "/" + City ; " : ")