@Min (Formula Language)

Returns the smallest number in a single list, or the smaller of two numbers or number lists.

Note: The single-parameter form of this @function is new with Release 6.


@Min( number1 )

@Min( number1 ; number2 )



Number or number list.


Number or number list.

Return value


(Single parameter) Number. The smallest number in number1.

(Two parameters) Number or number list. Either number1 or number2, whichever is smaller. If the parameters are number lists, @Max returns a list that is the result of pair-wise computation on the list values.


When using this function with a number list constant, remember that the list concatenation operator takes precedence over other operators. Enclose negative numbers in parentheses.


  1. This example returns 35.
  2. This example returns 5;2;3;3.
  3. This example returns the contents of the field containing the smallest value. If Precinct1 contains 150,000 and Precinct2 contains 100,000, then this formula returns 100,000.
  4. This example returns 85,000 if 100,000 is the smallest number contained in either of the fields AreaAPopulation or AreaBPopulation, and the field DistrictPopulation contains the value 15,000.
    @Min(AreaAPopulation;AreaBPopulation) - DistrictPopulation
  5. This example returns -3.5;-35;54.
  6. This example returns 2.
    @Min(99 : 2 : 3)