Projects: Organizing and coordinating changes to your site | Online Help for HCL Digital Experience

Projects organize related updates to the published site and simplify the publication process. You can think of projects as folders that contain related draft updates to the published site. Content owners create projects from project templates. Content authors contribute updates to the projects that content owners create. Updates could include moving a page in the site navigation, creating a new page, adding content to a page, and more. When content authors are ready, they can send their content for approval and publishing.

Projects provide the content owner and the content author the flexibility needed to streamline the creation, review, and publication process. Review an example of how content owners and authors use projects. Then, use the topics in this section to create and use projects for site updates.

Example: Content owner creates a project template and project for content authors to use for site updates

  • You work for Greenwheels Travel. You want to create a project for content authors to use to create a new page for family travel and to create articles about travel destinations.
  • As the content owner, you decide to create a Trip template to manage the flow of the updates for this new section of the site.
  • Project templates, such as the Trip template, define project logistics. With the Trip template, you define when updates in your project are published, define your workflow, and define your approval options.
  • You create the Family Vacations project with the Trip template. Content authors can now add updates to the project.

Example: Content author creates new pages and content within the project that is created by the content owner

  • As a content author, you enter the project that the content owner created.
  • You open the site toolbar and Site Manager. You see in the site navigation where you want to create a new page for family travel.
  • You create your draft page and content. Since you are in a project, you can see your new page and content in the site navigation.
  • Other content authors add articles. As content is ready, content is sent by content authors for approval and publishing from the project menu.
  • Based on the template used, the project does not publish until all content in the project is ready to be published. The approval and publishing details are controlled by the Trip project template that is managed by the content owner.