Creating a project | HCL Digital Experience

Projects provide the content owner with a way to manage content and updates in a streamlined process. Although you can update the site without creating a project, it is a best practice to use projects to simplify the publishing process for multiple updates. When you use a project, you can view draft pages and content in your site navigation from Site Manager.

About this task

Projects are created from project templates. Project templates define the structure of projects. With this template, project logistics are already defined and managed by the content owner. Project logistics include adding reviewers, adding approvers, selecting publishing criteria, and more.

Learn more about creating a project with a project template through an example.

You work for Greenwheels travel. You want to create a section on your site for family travel. Before you create pages and content, you plan to create a project that is named Family Vacations to organize your work.

You select the Trip template to create your new project.


  1. Open the project menu, and click New Project.
  2. In the New Projects section, select a template from the Create a project from menu to create a project. If you do not see the project template that you need, contact the appropriate content owner to create a new project template to add to this menu.
    In this example, a content owner already created a Trip template for you to use to create your project. You select the Trip template to define the structure of your project.
  3. Enter a name for the project in the field. By default, you see your user ID and the date as a sample project name.
    In this example, you enter Family Vacations for your project name.
  4. Click Create.

What to do next

Projects are about collaborating with others. You can start adding authors and other owners to this project. For others to contribute to the project, you must add authors to the project. Enter your project, and click Manage Project. Then, click the Properties tab to add authors and owners to this project. You can also set other project logistics from Manage Project. For example, you can change the project name, set up approval criteria, create custom actions, control access, see the project history, and more.