Sending content for publishing approval in your project | Online Help for HCL Digital Experience

You finished your content item. Now it is time to send your content for publishing approval. After the necessary people approve your content item, the status of your content item changes from draft to publishing pending status. Your content item does not actually get published until all content items in the project are approved. In addition, the content owner may have specified other publishing options the project must satisfy before content items in a project are published.

About this task

To send your content item for publishing approval, hover by a content item in the Contents view of your project. Click the menu that appears, and select Publish with comment or Publish as appropriate.

The content owner of a project might have set the project to publish automatically once all content items are approved in the project, to publish on a specific date, or to manually publish the project. Once all content items are approved in a project, a content owner can manually publish the project by navigating to the Projects Overview section where all content items are listed. The Publish button appears only when all content items are approved.