Adding reusable page components to your page | HCL Digital Experience

Page components are reusable assets that content authors can add to a page to display different types of content. Page components are in the site toolbar, which you can access by clicking the site toolbar icon. Page components display on the page and do not display in site manager and content explorer.

About this task

Administrators can customize page components to fit a content author's specific needs. Unlike content templates that authors can use to create content items, page components have content pre-filled by the administrator, such as URL name, title, content, and CSS Style.


  1. Turn on Edit Mode from the action bar. Site Manager opens automatically.
  2. Click a page in Site Manager to load it in the website view.
  3. Click screen capture of the add page components and applications icon Add page components and applications in the site toolbar.
  4. In the Page Components pane, click the page component that you want to add and then drag and drop the page component onto the page in the website view. Or, hover over the page component and click screen capture of the add this content to the page icon Add this content to the page.

What to do next

Since page components include pre-filled content, you might want to edit the page component after you add it to the page. Complete the following steps to view, edit, or delete the page component:
  1. In Site Manager, click the page where you added the page component to load the page.
  2. In the page component title bar, click the content menu icon content menu.
  3. Choose one of the following options:
    • Click Configure Spot to configure your spot with different content. For more information about configuring your content spot, go to Adding targeted content to a spot.
    • Click Open Read Form to view the pre-filled settings and content that your administrator configured.
    • Click Open Edit Form to edit the pre-filled settings and content that your administrator configured.
    • Click Delete to delete the page component from your page. If you delete a page component from your page, it remains available in the site toolbar.