Personalization | HCL Digital Experience

Personalization allows a portal or website to choose which content appears for particular site visitors. For example, a site that uses Personalization can show different news articles to managers than to regular employees, or different information to valued customers.

You can define content through a number of applications, including HCL Web Content Manager. Personalization automatically detects the content definition from these applications.

After you define the content type, attributes of the content are shown to the rule author. The rule author can use these attributes to make conditions. These conditions can define if and when certain content is displayed or even if certain actions like database updates and triggered emails might occur.

Personalization editor

Use the Personalization Editor to edit object content or information.

Selecting a new element from the Personalization Navigator automatically brings you to the Personalization Editor. You enter data that depends on the object chosen. You can also edit existing objects by highlighting the object in the Personalization Navigator, and clicking Edit in the Personalization Editor.

Personalization picker

The Personalization picker is used to select a Personalization rule, content spot, resource collection or folder. The list of items that are displayed is filtered based on the context. For instance, from the Edit Layout and Edit Page Properties pages, you can select a rule to assign to a page or portlet. In these contexts, the picker shows items from the Navigational Rules folder and shows visibility rules. You can choose to view the items in either a list view or a tree view.