Creating a business rule | HCL Digital Experience

Rules are used to define how your website interacts with individuals and groups of site visitors. Rules are composed of easy-to-read logic statements that specify how to evaluate conditions and what actions to take.

About this task

There are different types of rules. Personalization decisions are based on calculations, visitor profile information, past interaction on the site (using LikeMinds), and other attributes. Each rule includes elements, such as how to order the personalized content. Create a simple visibility rule in the following procedure.


  1. On the Business Rules page, click New Rule.
  2. Change the Rule Type to Visibility.
  3. Click attribute and select Portal Users > Groups.
  4. Click value and type the group name. For this example, you can use the wpsadmins group.
  5. Save your rule.


The new rule shows personalized content when the current user is a member of the wpsadmins user group.