Creating and editing a rule mapping

Rule mappings can be changed at any time and are effective immediately upon publication or upon the spot mapping start date, whichever comes later. Rule mappings expire on the rule mapping end date.


  1. Highlight a campaign by selecting the check box next to it in the Personalization Navigator.
  2. Click New > Rule mapping.
  3. Select the folder where the content spot is located by clicking the icon and selecting a folder from the list.
  4. Select the content spot, rule, and start and end dates for the mapping.
  5. Select the rule mapping split from the list.
    Splits calculate the percentage chance this mapping is used on the content spot over other mappings in the campaign that reference the same spot. So 100 is 100 percent; 50 is 50 percent; and so forth.

What to do next

To edit an existing rule, select Rule Mappings by Campaign from the Select View list.