Creating a rule event

Every time that the rule event fires, Personalization collects the users through the first rule. Then, Personalization runs the second rule for each user in the user that is set from the first rule. To create a rule event, you must have a rule that selects certain users from a resource collection. For example, users between the ages of 25 and 35. You must have a rule to serve as the rule event.

About this task

Rule events are usually email actions.


  1. From the Personalization Navigator, click New > Rule event.
  2. Type a rule event name and select the folder where the content spot is located.
  3. Select the rule that selects the users. Then, select the rule to use.
  4. Select the start date orRepeate.
    Select a repeating rule event to select the frequency that you want the event to run. You must set a date and time that the rule event ceases to run.