Creating personalization content spots

A content spot is a placeholder or slot for a rule on a web page or a rule in the body of an email message. When the page is viewed, the content spot uses its rule mapping to determine which rule to run. When the rule is run, any actions that are defined within the rule take place.

About this task

When you create a content spot, give it a unique name within a project. You can optionally specify an output type for the content spot. Specify an output type to map rules of differing content types to the same content spot.


  1. From the Personalization Navigator, click New > Content Spot.
  2. Provide a unique name, description, and select a folder where the content spot is located.
  3. Select the default mapping by clicking the icon and selecting a rule from the list.

What to do next

To edit the content spot later in the Personalization Navigator, select the content spot and click Edit.