What's new with CF09 | HCL Digital Experience

This Combined Cumulative Fix includes new features and improvements.

Some features are ready for immediate use when you apply the latest combined cumulative fix. Other features require extra configuration or a procedure to enable the feature.

Version CF07 and earlier documentation

Starting with Version CF08, the earlier version of the product documentation is available only in PDF format. Go to the following documentation resource if you are on CF07, CF06, CF05, CF04, CF03, CF02, or CF01:

Customizable page components

Customizable page components can now be generated with the Web content authoring interface. Page components are used by site developers to quickly create predefined and page-ready groups of web content items. Content authors use these predefined page components to quickly add content to a page.

Generate customizable author-ready content templates

Site developers can quickly generate predefined author-ready pairs of authoring templates and presentation templates for commonly used types of content. Content authors use the predefined content templates to quickly add content to a page.

Updates to editable element and editable property tags

New parameters were added to the editable element and editable property tags. The parameters support JavaScript callbacks for all state changes and control whether to refresh the field or element value on edit or not.

Custom images for the Web content authoring interface

In CF09, the custom images feature was extended to the Web content authoring interface.

Template-assigned project access settings

Syndication enhancements

  • Mirrored syndication is now configured to automatically cascade to all servers downstream from the syndicator.
  • Updated syndication types now better match syndication usage; Published items, All items, and All items and versions. Migration of syndication pairs is not required. 

Script Application

CF09 includes the Script Application. This version is an enhanced version of the Script Application that was available on the HCL®Software Products Catalog for HCL Digital Experience Version 8.5 CF08 and earlier versions.

Operation check class

The OperationCheckPlugin plug-in is used to control whether an operation within the system should continue or whether it should be stopped. The extension is called before a Web Content Manager operation to evaluate whether the operation should be allowed to continue. The plug-in can return an error message to be shown to the user.

Enable the Web Application Bridge for search engine optimization

If you removed the portal context root with the Configuration Wizard, you must enable the Web Application Bridge by creating a virtual host.