What's new with CF03 | HCL Digital Experience

This Combined Cumulative Fix includes new features and improvements.

Some features are ready for immediate use when you apply the latest combined cumulative fix. Other features require extra configuration or a procedure to enable the feature.

HCL Digital Experience Version CF07 and earlier documentation

The Version CF07 and earlier documentation is available only in PDF format. Go to the following link to find the documentation for CF07, CF06, CF05, CF04, CF03, CF02, or CF01:

Theme analyzer for portlet modules

The Theme Optimization Analyzer now supports Resource Aggregation for Portlets. You can view modules, contributions, and capabilities by page. You can see what resources are coming from the theme and what resources are coming from the portlets on the page. Support for pages was also extended to the export theme data function, so your output includes page, theme, and profile information.

Resource Aggregation for portlets

The system resource aggregator automatically loads dependencies on capabilities for portlets, if the theme metadata resourceaggregation.autoLoadPortletCapabilities is set to true. These capabilities and modules load automatically regardless of the profile on the page, if the capabilities and modules are installed and active anywhere on the system. The resource aggregator for portlets:

  • Reduces the profile size
  • Reduces the number of profiles that are required
  • Reduces the need to modify the theme (a profile) or page (which profile assigned) to use certain portlets on a page
  • Makes the system overall simpler and easier to use.

Public ResourceCombinerService API

Use the ResourceCombinerService public API for portlets that must link multiple resources on a page. The ResourceCombinerService public API links these resources in a combined, optimized way to keep the number of requests to a minimum.

Syndication extension points

The Web Content Manager API has been updated with new extension points for syndication to give developers additional tools to control the syndication of items. See the Web Content Manager Javadoc for details.

Worklight 6.2 integration

Integration with IBM Worklight is upgraded to support version 6.2. Use the features in Apache Cordova and the Worklight Client APIs to use local device capabilities in your Portal solution. With this upgrade, you can use the improved operational analytics, client-side log capture, rolling server upgrades, and more.

SmartCloud for Social Business Search (SAML)

You can now establish single sign-on between your portal installation and HCL Connections in SmartCloud for Social Business which provides an integrated digital experience for users. Integration between the product and HCL Connections in SmartCloud for Social Business is completed by using Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, which supports SAML-based single sign-on. For more information on integrating HCL Connections in SmartCloud for Social Business, review the documentation resource.

Invalid friendly URLs

You can now validate friendly URLs for web content. Additionally, you can create customized error messages that display when a user tries to access an invalid URL.

SmartCloud for Social Business HTTP Outbound

You can now activate outbound HTTP connections to remote resources with HCL Connections in SmartCloud for Social Business by using SAML 2.0 tokens.


Starting with HCL Connections 5.0 you can use the @mentions feature to mention other HCL Connections users in your content or to notify them of the post. You can insert the feature @username anywhere in the body of the post. The feature is supported in the body and comment sections of the Wiki page, Blog post, Forum topic, and file comments. A site visitor can get details about a user mentioned in HCL Connections content that is rendered on portal pages. @mention reference is displayed by using the portlet person card when you hover over the link. If Portal is configured to use HCL Connections business card, then the business card is shown instead of portal person card.

SmartCloud for Social Business Connections integration

You can now use social rendering with content items from HCL Connections in SmartCloud for Social Business. The HCL Connections integration assets that are used to integrate HCL Digital Experience with HCL Connections can also be used to integrate with HCL Connections in SmartCloud for Social Business as well.

Web Application Bridge Mobile support

Mobile support is provided for web applications that were developed and tested for rendering inside mobile device browsers.

Windows Mobile Support

Device detection has been added for Windows Mobile devices. Windows smart phones can render the mobile theme instead of the full desktop version of the theme.

Web Content Manager Rest API

The Web Content Manager Rest API has been extended to include projects and workflow item types.

In-place editing for Web content

The default setting for in-place editing of Web content has been changed to "embed mode" for text and rich text fields. See the section Default in-place editing mode in the Web content authoring options topic.