What's new with CF08 | HCL Digital Experience

This Combined Cumulative Fix includes new features and improvements.

Some features are ready for immediate use when you apply the latest combined cumulative fix. Other features require extra configuration or a procedure to enable the feature.

Version CF07 and earlier documentation

Starting with Version CF08, the earlier version of the product documentation is available only in PDF format. Go to the following documentation resource if you are on CF07, CF06, CF05, CF04, CF03, CF02, or CF01:

Site Manager

Site Manager combines the hierarchy of pages and content items in your site with editing options that content authors can find in the context menu of a page or content item. Experience documentation that is enhanced with animation as you learn about Site Manager.
Note: Refresh the page to play the animation.
Figure 1. Opening the context menu for a page in Site Manager

Animated screen capture of the Site Manager tree view that highlights the context menu for a page. The animation shows the cursor move to the page Europe and select the context menu icon. The context menu for the page Europe opens.

New roadmap for setting up the site for content authors

Learn how to start from a design wire frame and end with a new landing page template. Check the roadmap section in future documentation updates for more details on how to develop pieces of the design wire frame. Currently, the roadmaps focus on access control, concepts, and basics of creating a page template.

Site Builder

Site Builder is an application that you can use to create site templates or section templates for use with older versions of the product.

Page mappings with multilingual sites

For portal sites, you can choose to have portal page mappings added automatically as new translations are created.

New configuration option for search engine optimization in the Configuration Wizard

Shorten your portal site URL for search engine optimization benefits by modifying the context root and removing navigational state information.

Known issue: If you do not have a web server, you must resynchronize the nodes and restart the cluster before you can change the jsp components in the Web Resources library.

Use WebSphere® Application Server Trust association Interceptor (TAI)

Use the SAML TAI provided for the WAS to authenticate to your Portal Server v8.5. You can now also combine this login with existing portal features like transient user support and WSSubject group reuse for AC, as discussed in the detailed documentation.

Create managed segments to target content

Create managed segments in your web content library so that you can target content to specific segments of users.

Customize the Add Segments view

Customize the Add Segments view so that you see only segments, only managed segments, or both segments and managed segments.

New Theme Manager and Simple Theme

Create and customize a new theme from a template in minutes by using the new Theme Manager. You can also use the new Simple Theme template, which features fluid, responsive design.

The Page Components palette

In CF08, the Content palette was renamed to Page Components palette.