Creating segments that display in the Add Segments dialog | HCL Digital Experience

Your goal is to match the best segments with content items in your spot. If you do not see a segment that defines your audience, you can ask your developer to create new segments. Your developer should create new segments in your web content library to simplify the publishing process and to use other library features.

You can create managed segments in your content library. Creating managed segments in your content library has the following benefits:
  • Scoping. Because your library is scoped to a virtual portal, only users on that virtual portal see the content from that library.
  • Workflow project support. You can use content from the library to create project drafts.
  • Syndication support. There is no need to follow the Personalization Publish process.

Your developer might have created segments in the Personalization area in the past. Depending on how the Add Segments dialog is configured, you might not see the segments that were created using Personalization.