What's new with CF12 | HCL Digital Experience

This Combined Cumulative Fix includes new features and improvements.

Some features are ready for immediate use when you apply the latest combined cumulative fix. Other features require extra configuration or a procedure to enable the feature.

Version CF07 and earlier documentation

Starting with Version CF08, the earlier version of the product documentation is available only in PDF format. Go to the following documentation resource if you are on CF07, CF06, CF05, CF04, CF03, CF02, or CF01:

New Textbox.io browser support

Starting with CF12, Textbox.io also supports the Microsoft Edge browser but Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported.

Note: Previous installations of Textbox.io must be uninstalled before you install the latest CF level.

Defining the editor used for in-place editing

Starting with CF12, the Textbox.io editor is used as the embedded editor, and the CK editor is used as the in-place editor.

SDK Java Technology Edition

You can upgrade your SDK Java Technology Edition version to the latest supported version.