What's new with CF11 | HCL Digital Experience

This Combined Cumulative Fix includes new features and improvements.

Some features are ready for immediate use when you apply the latest combined cumulative fix. Other features require extra configuration or a procedure to enable the feature.

Version CF07 and earlier documentation

Starting with Version CF08, the earlier version of the product documentation is available only in PDF format. Go to the following documentation resource if you are on CF07, CF06, CF05, CF04, CF03, CF02, or CF01:

Script Portlet is renamed to Script Application

The Script Portlet is renamed to Script Application.

New option for the Web Content Viewer portlet to bypass Web Content Manager caching

A new option to bypass HCL Web Content Manager caching has been added to the portlet settings.

New option for the Web Content Viewer portlet to set metadata

The meta data configuration of the Web Content Viewer portlet provides a new option that makes it possible to set metadata even if the portlet does not set the page title.

New advanced rich text editor for the Web Content Authoring application.

The Ephox EditLive! Java based Rich Text Editor is deprecated as of CF11 and replaced by Textbox.io.
Textbox.io supports these browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 10, 11
  • Firefox latest (32)
  • Firefox ESR 31+
  • Chrome latest (37)
  • Safari 6.1+

The Textbox.io editor service requires server-side configuration. The default configuration is defined in the JVM Settings. Details can be found here if you need to customize this configuration: http://docs.ephox.com/display/IBMWCMTB/Installing+Textbox.io+services+for+IBM+WCM

Note: Previous installations of Textbox.io must be uninstalled before you install CF11.