Viewing files shared with a community

Browse through and view files that you have uploaded to a community so that you can comment on the contents.

Before you begin

Anyone can view files from a public community. To view files from a restricted community, you must be a community member.


To view a file from a community, complete the following steps.
  1. Go to the community's Files area
    If you do not see the file that you want, click View All to display the full list of community.
  2. To view files in Grid view, click Show thumbnails in grid format Grid view.
  3. To view file details and available actions, hover over a file thumbnail. The thumbnail shows details such as who last updated the file and when it was downloaded.
  4. To view files from the grid, click the back of the thumbnail or Preview Preview.
  5. To browse through a file, take one of the following actions:
    1. Scroll through the file by using the scroll bar.
    2. Click Page down Next page or Page up Previous page.
      Note: You can browse a spreadsheet only by using the scroll bar.
  6. To browse between files, click Next Next file or Previous Previous file.
  7. To change the page display of a file, take one of the following actions:
    1. To change the page magnification, click Zoom in Zoom in or Zoom out Zoom out.
    2. To resize the page to fit the width of the window, click Fit width Fit width.
    Note: You cannot change the page display of a spreadsheet.
  8. If the file you are viewing is a presentation, you can view it in slide show mode. View the presentation as a slide show by clicking Play Slide Show Play slide show. The slide show starts from the first slide.
  9. To download a file, click Download Download.
  10. To hide the details of a file, click Hide details Hide details. To display hidden details, click Show details Show details. File details include, for example: file size, the number of file versions, comments that are made on the file and its version history.
  11. To access more file actions, click More Actions More actions. You can then take asctions such as follow the file or refresh the file.
  12. To close the viewer, click Close Close.