Sharing files with your community

Share files from the Files app with members of your community. You can also upload files to a community from your local file system.

Before you begin

Any community member can share files and folders with a community from the Files app. A folder is a place to group files with related or similar content.

File owners can also share files with a community or give a copy of a file to a community directly from the Files app. Anyone can share files with a community to which they have access, but only the community owner and the file owner can remove the file reference from the community. For more information about sharing files with a community from Files, see Sharing files

Note: Your administrator limits the amount of space that you have for storing files.

About this task

The Files app allows community members to share local files and files with the rest of the community. Sharing files is a great way to foster collaboration within a community. By encouraging members to upload files to the community, you can work together on shared documents and build up a repository of community information.

Note: The type of files that you can share depends on the type of community that you want to share the files with. A public community can contain only public files. A restricted community can contain either public or private files.


To share files with your community, complete the following steps.
  1. From the Files app on the Overview page, click Add.
    Note: If you are the first person to share files with the community, click Add Your First File.
  2. Do one of the following steps:
    1. To upload a file from your local file system, take the following steps:
      1. Click New Upload....
      2. Drag and drop the file you want to share into the Upload page. Alternatively, click Browse... and select the file from your local file system.
      3. Click Additional options to add tags or encrypt the file.
      4. Click Upload

      The file is now owned by the community.

    2. To share a file from the Files app, take the following steps:
      1. Click Share File With the Community...
      2. Select the type of file that you want to share from the options.
        Table 1. File-sharing options
        Option Description
        Recent Files Files that are recently uploaded to the Files app.
        Pinned Files Files that you marked as prioritized in the Files app.
        My Files Files that you uploaded to the Files app.
        Shared With Me Files that are shared with you from the Files app.
        Other People's Files Other people's files that are shared with public or files that they shared with you from the Files app.
        My Folders Files from your personal folders in the Files app.
        Folders shared with me Files from shared folders in the Files app.
      3. Select one or more files from the list that displays.
      4. Specify whether you want to allow community members to edit the file or files, and then click Share Files.
    3. If you do not see the file that you are looking for, enter the file name in the search field and click the search Search icon Icon.