Sharing folders with your community

Share folders from the Files app with members of your community.

Before you begin

Anyone can share folders with a community to which they have access, but only the community owner and the folder owner can remove a folder from the community.

About this task

Any community member can share folders from the Files app with their community. The type of folder that you can share depends on the type of community that you want to share the folder with. A public community can contain only public folders. A restricted community can contain public or private folders.


To share folders with your community, complete the following steps.
  1. From the Files app on the Overview page, click Add > Share Folder With Community....
  2. If you are sharing an existing folder, select a folder from the My Foldersdrop-down. Select a folder category from the following options:
    Table 1. Folder categories
    Option Description
    Recent Folders that are recently created in the Files app.
    Pinned Pinned folders.
    My Folders Folders that you own in the Files app.
    Shared With Me Folders that are shared with you from the Files app.
    Public Folders Public folders in the Files app.
  3. Select the folder or folders that you want to share.
  4. Specify the level of access that you want community members to have to your folder or folders from the Community members can access the selected folders list:
    Table 2. Folder access levels
    Access level Description
    Reader Readers can view the content of any files in the folder.
    Editor Editors can read, edit, comment on, download, recommend, upload a new version of, and set properties on a file. They can be notified of changes to the file and share it. Editors also can add a file to a folder of theirs, or to a folder they have Editor access to.
    Owner Owners have ownership of the folder along with the original owner. They can share the folder with other people and delete any file. The owner of a file can delete it or remove it from a folder.
  5. Click Share Folders.