Managing access to community files

Manage access to the files that you and other members add to your community.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to change access levels to community files. You must also be logged in to IBM® Connections.

About this task

When a community is created, all members of the community are granted the editor role by default so that they can share and upload files. Depending on the privacy requirements of your community, you might want to change the file access level for your members. Access to community files is always community-wide. Community owners are always file owners and have full access to upload, edit, and delete files, and to manage file permissions.
Community members can have one of the following access levels for uploading files:
Table 1. Access levels for uploading and sharing files
Role Members with this role can
Editor Upload community-owned files and download files.
Reader Share files using the Files app and download files.
The Editor and Reader roles allow community owners to control whether members can upload a new community-owned file to the community. Members can always share files from the Files app with the community.

The ability to view community files depends on the type of community. Everyone can see and download files from communities with public access, however only community members can view and download files from a restricted community. If a restricted community is changed to a public community, private files and private folders shared from the Files app are removed from the community.


To edit file access levels for community members, complete the following steps.
  1. Select Community Actions > Edit Community on the community's Overview page, and then select the Files tab.
  2. Make the required changes, and click Save.
    All community members are granted the same level of access.