Using the Communities business card

Use the Communities business card to navigate to key pages in the community from other apps in Connections or other apps that are integrated with Communities.

When you add an external app to your community, the community business card displays in that app when it is opened in its native user interface. For example, when you open a community blog in Blogs, the community business card displays in the Blogs user interface in the navigation sidebar, allowing members to return to the community at any time. You can recognize the community business card by the community navigation links that display, for example: Overview, Recent Updates, Status Updates, Members, or Forums.

By displaying the community image, the card creates a visual link between the associated app and the community, and clearly identifies the app as belonging to the community.

You can use the community business card in the following ways:
  • Click the community title or image to open the community's Overview page.
  • Click any of the links in the business card to open that page in the community.