Using tags

Tags let you assign keywords to your bookmarks that are meaningful to you. Tags provide a useful way to categorize your bookmarks and search for bookmarks that are of interest to you. Use the tag cloud to view all tags assigned to bookmarks in the list, to determine the popularity of a tag, and to access bookmarks associated with a tag.

Before you begin

You can choose how the tags in a tag collection are displayed – either in a list or in a cloud. A tag list displays the tags in a list starting with the most popular tags first. A tag cloud visualizes the popularity of the tags in the collection by grouping the tags together and displaying the most frequently used tags in larger, darker text and less often used tags in smaller, lighter text. Tags are single words, or multiple words connected with hyphens or underscores – for example, social-bookmarking, status_reports, and payroll would all be valid tags.

About this task

To work with a tag cloud, view Public Bookmarks, My Bookmarks, or another person's bookmarks.


  1. Click a tag in the cloud to view bookmarks associated with the tag.
    Bookmarks associated with that tag display.
  2. To further filter the bookmark list, enter or click another tag name to view bookmarks that are tagged with the selected tag (or tags) and the filter tag that you specify.
  3. Continue to refine your search results until you have the set that you want.