Exporting bookmarks to a file

You can export bookmarks to a file that can then be imported into a browser or shared with someone who does not use Bookmarks.

About this task

You must have created at least one bookmark to use this application. To export your bookmarks:


  1. From the My Bookmarks page, click More Actions > Export My Bookmarks.
  2. Provide the following information for the export file:

    Select the type of bookmarks to export: Public, Private, Both public and private.


    Select the type of bookmarks to export: Internet, intranet, both Internet and intranet.

    Tag Filter

    Enter one or more tags to use as export filters. Only bookmarks associated with these tags are included in the export file.

  3. Click Export.
  4. In the Export File window, select one of the following options:
    • Open With on Mozilla Firefox, or Open on Microsoft® Internet Explorer, to choose a program, such as a browser, with which to open the exported HTML file and view exported bookmarks.
    • Save File on Mozilla Firefox, or Save on Microsoft Internet Explorer, to save bookmarks in an HTML file that will be placed on your desktop.