Getting started and installing the bookmark button

Follow these steps to install the browser toolbar button and get started using Bookmarks.

About this task

There are two ways to create a bookmark. If you know the URL you want to bookmark, you can click the Public Bookmarks or My Bookmarks tab and click the Add Bookmark button. Fill in the form to create a bookmark to the URL you specify. If you want to bookmark from a web page you visit, follow the steps to install the browser button so you can easily add a bookmark to a site you want to share or revisit.


  1. If you have not done so already, install the Add Bookmark browser toolbar button from the Bookmarking Tools link in the footer of the Bookmarks window.
  2. Visit a web page that you want to bookmark and click the Add Bookmark toolbar button to create a bookmark.
    Provide a title, description and tags that describe the bookmark. Indicate whether you want the bookmark to be Public, so that other users can see it, or Private, available only to you. You can also choose to add the bookmark to other IBM® Connections applications deployed for your organization. For example, you can add a bookmark to a Community so it is available to the user group.
    Note: You can also add a Discuss This browser button, which will allow you to re-post web pages as topics for discussion in your forums. For more information on the Discuss This button, see the Forums help.


Return to the Bookmarks application to view your bookmarks. You have a variety of options for viewing and using bookmarks:
  • View just the bookmarks you have added from the My Bookmarks page.
  • View Public Bookmarks to see the bookmarks available, the people who created them, and the tags used to identify them.
  • View Popular bookmarks to see the most frequently bookmarked pages.
  • Refine the Public Bookmark list using the Search application or filtering by person or tag to locate bookmarks of interest.
  • Add a tag or person to your watchlist. A watchlist maintains a dynamic list of recent bookmarks associated with tags or people that are of particular interest to you. After adding a tag or person to your watchlist, click the My Updates tab to view your list.