Importing bookmarks from a web browser

Use the import and export tools, available from the My Bookmarks page, to move bookmarks into and out of Bookmarks. For example, you might import bookmarks that you created and saved in your browser to initially populate your bookmarks list.

Before you begin

You must export bookmarks from your browser before you can import them into Bookmarks. When you export bookmarks, your browser creates an export file that you can import into Bookmarks. After you determine which browser bookmarks that you want to share, refer to your browser's help for the procedures required to create a bookmark export file. If the browser bookmark was stored in a folder, the folder name is applied to the bookmark as a tag. Tags that you added during the import operation are displayed by all imported bookmarks.

Important: When you export bookmarks from Microsoft® Internet Explorer, the exported file might be saved in a format, such as ANSI, that Bookmarks does not support. In that case, you will get an error when you try to import the file. After you create the bookmark file, follow these steps to change the format of the bookmarks file to UTF-8 before you import the file.
  1. Open the Bookmark.htm file in a text editor such as Notepad.
  2. Click Save As.
  3. Change the Encoding on the file from ANSI to UTF-8.
  4. Save and close the text file.

About this task

To import a bookmark export file:


  1. Use your browser to create a bookmark export file.
    Note: To export a subset of bookmarks, create a folder and copy the bookmarks into it that you want to export. Create a bookmark export file from that folder.
  2. From the My Bookmarks page, click More Actions > Import Bookmarks.
    Note: If you have not yet created any bookmarks from within IBM® Connections, there will be an option to Import Bookmarks on the My Bookmarks page.
  3. Use the browse control to locate the bookmark export file.
  4. Choose whether to import all bookmarks or a subset that you specify.
  5. In the Add Tags field, enter any tags you want to apply to imported bookmarks.
  6. By default your bookmarks are imported as private. Clear the Import as private option if you want your bookmarks to be made available to other Bookmarks users.
  7. Click Import to add bookmarks in the selected export file to your bookmarks list.
  8. If you are selecting a subset of bookmarks, check the ones you want to import and click Import.