Notifying other users about a bookmark

Send an email message notifying a colleague about a bookmark of interest.

About this task

You can notify one or more colleagues about a single bookmark, or you can notify others about multiple bookmarks from your bookmark collection. To send an email to a colleague with a link to a bookmark of interest, log in to IBM® Connections Bookmarks and follow these steps.


  1. View a bookmark, clicking More, if necessary, and choose Notify Other People.
  2. Enter the names of one or more users to notify. Type-ahead assists you with finding the names of users in your organization. You can also enter an email address.
  3. Enter an optional message.
  4. Click Notify to send an email message with a link to this bookmark.


Your colleague will get an email with a link to the bookmark. The email also includes a link to the on-line help page for Connections Bookmarks in case the recipient is not familiar with the service.