Flagging a bookmark as broken

Notify a bookmark owner that a bookmark link is broken.

About this task

If you encounter a bookmark that leads to a broken link, you can notify the bookmark owner so that they can repair or remove the bookmark.


  1. Select More for the bookmark that you want to report.
  2. Select More Actions > Flag as Broken URL.
  3. Edit the default text if you want.
  4. Click Send notification to bookmark owner to send an email message with a link to this bookmark to the owner.
  5. Optional: If your site administrator has configured this option, you can click Send notification to all active users who bookmarked this so that everyone who has bookmarked this URL can take action on the broken link. After checking this option, you will get a message telling you how many people will receive a mail message about this link so you can decide whether or not to send the notification mail.
    If your site administrator has disabled this option, it will not display on the notification form.
  6. Click Send Notice to send the notification.