Adding and changing messages in the Aurora store

You can add new messages or change existing messages in sample store pages by modifying the file that contains the store strings.


  1. Back up the existing file. Backing up this file effectively ensures that any unwanted changes can safely be undone by reverting to the original file.
    It is located in the following directories:
    • crs-web\WebContent\WEB-INF\classes\storedir
    Where storedir is the directory name of your store. The default store directory is AuroraStorefrontAssetStore.
  2. Open the file.
  3. Add or change the existing messages in the properties file. Your new or updated strings represent the new text that appears in your store.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Restart the Store server.


Your file is now included in sample store pages. Ensure that the updated messages appear correctly in the storefront.