Enabling a Subscribe link for a wish list feed in the Aurora starter store

The Aurora starter store includes a feature that allows shoppers to subscribe to wish list feeds. To familiarize yourself with the Aurora implementation, you can enable and test the Subscribe link for the wish list. Then, consider a similar implementation for your own store.

The Subscribe link is included on the Personal Wish List page, in the upper-right corner of the wish list:
Subscribe link in an e-Marketing Spot

When a customer clicks the Subscribe link, the wish list feed displays in a browser. To subscribe to the feed, the customer can copy the URL and paste it into a feed reader.


  1. For the Aurora starter store that you published, use the Store Management tool to enable the following store functions on the Wish Lists and Feeds tab:
    • Enable wish lists
    • E-Marketing Spot feeds
  2. Open HCL Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
  3. Open the wish list JSP file at the following path:


  4. Within the JSP file, find the following code snippet:
    <c:url var="feedURL" value="${restURLScheme}://${pageContext.request.serverName}:${restURLPort}${restURI}/stores/${WCParam.storeId}/GiftLists/${selectedWishListId}
    	  <c:param name="responseFormat" value="atom" />
    	  <c:param name="langId" value="${langId}" />
    	  <c:param name="currency" value="${CommandContext.currency}" />
    <c:import url="/${sdb.jspStoreDir}/Widgets/ESpot/include/RemoteWidgetButtons.jsp">
    	  <c:param name="showFeed" value="false" /> 1
    	  <c:param name="feedURL" value="${feedURL}" />
  5. In the line of code that is labeled 1, change the value from false to true, as shown here:
    <c:param name="showFeed" value="true" />
  6. Save and close the JSP file.
  7. View and test the Subscribe link:
    1. Launch store preview.
    2. Register as a test customer with the store.
    3. Create a wish list that contains a few products.
    4. On the Personal Wish List page, view the wish list. Above the wish list, the Subscribe link is displayed.
    5. Click the Subscribe link.
      The browser displays the feed in the manner the browser supports. For example, some browsers display the formatted feed whereas others display the XML code. Either way, the feed URL displays in the address bar.
    6. To subscribe to the feed, copy the feed URL and paste it into a feed reader.