Applying HTML changes to JSP files

After a web designer changes the static HTML files, a store developer can determine the JSP files that dynamically render the different areas on specific pages in a storefront. The highlight feature, one of the tools that are provided with the assets, is used to identify the JSP files that make up the page you are on. It marks off each area of the page that a JSP file represents and shows the file name in the upper left corner.


  1. If you changed the CSS and image directories in the static HTML assets, make the necessary updates.
    1. HCL Commerce Developer Browse to the HTML assets directory.
  2. Use the highlight feature to determine which JSP files to update with the changes to the static HTML files. Proceed to edit the JSP files that were identified.
    1. Review the list of files you made during step 1 and open one of the static HTML pages that changed.
    2. Press Ctrl+Alt+h to use the highlight feature. The highlight feature outlines each page fragment, and in the upper left corner, displays the name of the JSP file that it represents.
    3. Note the name of the JSP file to change.
    4. Open the JSP file in your HCL Commerce and incorporate the changes that you noted in step 1.
    5. Save the JSP file.
  3. Open the storefront URL and browse the pages that you modified to verify that the changes were successful.