Example: campaign element template for an action

When creating a custom action for a marketing activity, you can refer to this sample when creating the action's campaign element template.


Here is the SQL statement to add the campaign element template code for an example action to the DMELETEMPLATE table. In this example, the action is to send a message to a back-end system to send a specific hardcopy catalog to the customer using regular mail.

This campaign element template has only an implementation definition.

insert into dmeletemplate (dmeletemplate_id, dmelementtype_id, name, implxml) 
(1001, 3, 'Custom Send Catalog Action',
'<FlowElementImplementation type="customSendCatalogAction">
<Implementation invocationType="TaskCommand">
<Class name="com.mycompany.CustomSendCatalogActionTaskCmd">
<Argument name="catalogName" value="MARKETING_catalogName"/>